Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Release and Tuesday Teaser

It's Release Day! Prison Moon: Dragon Fire has finally hit the virtual bookshelves and to celebrate, I have another small snippet from the story. This is the very first kiss Toren and Sara share.


“Sleep, Sarra. The sun will find us soon enough.” He said nothing for long minutes then lifted his head, his knees pressing more firmly into the back of her own. “Unless you would rather mate. I will stay awake for that.”

Had he read her mind? Oh hell, please don’t let him be able to read minds!

She laughed. It was a nervous reaction, nothing more, but it must not have seemed that way to him. He flipped her onto her back so fast, she barely had time to realize he’d done it before he was laying half on top of her, one muscled leg draping over hers to rest between her thighs and there was no mistaking the growing hardness pressing against her hip or the fact her dress was halfway up her backside, her girly parts now exposed.

“Why do you laugh?” He’d let go of her breast but his hand lay flat between them. “I said nothing amusing.”

She didn’t reply. He wouldn’t have understood what she said anyway, so what was the point?

The hand resting between her breasts slid up to the small strap on the ridiculous dress she wore, his fingers brushing it off her shoulder. “I can make it very pleasing, Sarra.”

I just bet you could.

His fingers were a barely-there whisper across her shoulder, his eyes following the path of his hand as he tickled the skin over her collarbone, then up her chin to land on her lips. “Does your kind share kehus with each other?”

The word does not translate filled her head. Did that mean sex? Heat flooded her body as her earlier thought came racing back into her head. She’d had sex partners who weren’t remotely as hot as Toren—not even her ex—but she wasn’t easy. Never had been and turning into a raging slut now seemed a bit inappropriate. She’d only been here three days.

Her thoughts were cut off when he leaned down, lowering his head until his mouth was mere inches from her own, until they were sharing breath, and that intoxicating scent of sweet spices filled her head again.

“I can show you how.”

The fingers he’d used to map out the contours of her face slid into her hair and before she could say anything, his mouth was on hers, sliding across in a soft nip once, twice, three times before she sucked in a soft breath. The brush of his tongue on her sensitive lips caught her off guard. When he slid past them and licked inside her mouth, every hair on her body stood on end as she moaned. The scent on his skin grew stronger and her traitorous body responded, her womb clenching tight as heat pooled between her legs. Every wet touch of his tongue caused some wanton part of her to throb and even though she knew she shouldn’t be making out with a total stranger, she kissed him back.


Dragon Fire is available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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