Monday, April 23, 2018

Prison Moon: Dragon Fire Excerpt Snippet

We're 1 day away from the release of DRAGON FIRE!! I have one last excerpt to share with you today. In this scene, Sara is seeing more than of Toren than she thought she would.


A splash of water brought her head up. Toren was climbing out of the stream, water sluicing down his body as he climbed back up the bank onto the grass. The small beads of water glistened in the sunlight as they raced toward the ground and she followed them down, stopping when she reached his cock. It had looked big the night before, hidden in shadows but now— 
She swallowed to moisten her throat. Maybe she was a slut at heart because the sight of that much meat made her thighs damp. His body was free of any hair and those strange tattoos on his arm and side ran down his hip to the top of his thigh, the swirling pattern reminding her of flames the more she looked at them. It took her a few seconds to realize he’d stopped walking. A glance at his face told her why. She’d been with enough men to recognize the lust in their eyes when they wanted her and the look Toren was giving her made her pulse leap. Her breath caught and she gave another quick glance to his cock before looking away, reaching for the melons. “I suppose this is breakfast.” She didn’t expect an answer from him but saw him continue walking toward her out of the corner of her eye. The cloth he’d covered her with was lying by her knee. She gathered it and held it out to him. “Thanks for this, even though it wasn’t really necessary.” 
“Why is your skin turning red?” 
The heat filling her face exploded at his words, her neck and ears burning as she blushed. “Probably because you’re completely naked, have a body hot enough to stop traffic, and have the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in person, which is only inches from my face, and for once I’m extremely glad you have no idea what I’m actually saying.” She shook the cloth at him until he took it from her hand and wrapped it back around his hips. When he was covered, she peeked at him through her lashes just to make sure he wasn’t still flashing her. He wasn’t.


Dragon Fire is available for pre-order exclusively at Amazon and will be available on Kindle Unlimited. If you'd like to read the first 5 chapters, you can find them HERE.

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