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Prison Moon: Dragon Fire Excerpt

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We're only 3 weeks away from the release of DRAGON FIRE!!! I'm so excited to share this book. I don't think I've had this much fun writing in years and can't wait for you to read it. I've posted another excerpt today from Toren and Sara's story. The small snippet below is the first time Toren sees Sara. If you missed last week's post where I shared the entire 1st chapter you can find that HERE.

Prison Moon: Dragon Fire
Copyright ©2018 Lily Graison

Something hit him in the head. Toren opened one eye and peered into the darkness. The lair he’d been calling home looked exactly the same as it had when he’d last closed his eyes. He saw nothing out of place other than a stone not far from his nose. Was that what hit him? He lifted his head and looked around the chamber. Nothing moved but he could hear the steady thump of a heartbeat. It was coming from above.

He yawned, then sniffed the air. The scent of something unfamiliar filled the upper cavern. The sound of voices floated on the breeze but it was a language he’d never heard before.

A shadow along the top of the stairs drew his gaze. It moved from left to right and as it stepped into the light of the upper chamber doorway, he saw its small shape.

Someone was in the temple.

He stretched out his limbs, then stood, raising his snout into the air where he saw the shadow move again. The heartbeats grew louder as he moved his head closer to the door and he noticed two different rhythms instead of one. Did he get lucky and have a meal come to him? He’d not eaten in ages. Should he thank whoever it was careless enough with their life to trespass where he slept or just eat them without a word?

A glance around the lair showed nothing disturbed. The darkness hid what remained of the temple hoard from prying eyes so if someone was here for the treasure, they hadn’t come down for it yet. Every gold coin and glittering jewel the priest who once lived in this temple had gathered as an offering was still nestled in close to him. Nothing was missing that he could see. He’d had centuries to count every last piece of it. He’d know if something was gone.

He looked back at the entrance of the lair and wondered what sort of creature lurked out there. They must be new to this world. Not many who lived here now ventured into the ruins and those who did never made it back out. Even though most of them were vile and tasted like ash in his mouth he’d stayed hidden too long to be found. Those who ruled this world now didn’t know he was here and he liked it that way, which is why he made sure anything that came inside never left. He’d protect this lair if he had to eat every foul creature that ventured inside, including the two making so much noise in the upper chamber.

He shifted and his tail slid along the hoard making the pile shift and slide. He raised his head higher until his eye was level with the entrance and he squinted against the bright rays of sunlight that flooded the upper chamber. The shadow from earlier was there, still moving back and forth and once his vision cleared he saw it for what it is. A female—the first he’d seen in over two hundred years.

The air blowing through the doorway carried the faint scent of sweat against heated skin, the unique sweetness only a female carried, and that distinct feminine musk between her legs made every nerve in his body sing with anticipation. A rumbling growl vibrated through his chest as he watched her, muscles attuned to every move she made. He sat there unmoving, watching her until the shadows in the room shifted as the sun arched across the sky and by the time she moved to the crumbling outer walls as if to leave, the word, mine, was thundering through his head.

End of excerpt

Dragon Fire releases on April 24th. Pre-Order your copy now at then head over to my  Pinterest Page to see all the photos I used as inspiration for this story.

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